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Lasik: Results!

I’m amiss! I realized tonight that I haven’t updated my readers on the results of my Lasik procedure.

You guys, I’m in love! Seriously – I can’t preach about this procedure enough!

First: The procedure itself is out of a sci-fi movie. From going to the back and popping the magic pill until I walked out the door ready to go home took all of 40 minutes.

I didn’t think that the Valium had taken hold until they said “April, are you ready to go?” and I said in the most nonchalant way manageable: “Yeah, let’s do it.”

They took me back and doc explained everything step-by-step. I’d elected to take the more invasive procedure since it had a less occurrence of side effects. I appreciated the information.

“April I’m going to put some numbing drops in your eyes. Next I’m going to add a round holder to keep your eyelids open.”

Mind – this was one of the things I was most worried about. I was wondering how the hell I was supposed to get through a procedure on my eyeballs without blinking. Honestly? The eyeball-ring-holder-openers were completely comfortable. I blinked like normal but my eyes weren’t affected by it at all.

“I want you to focus on the red blinking light right there. Put your head here and rest. Now I’m going to buff off your epithelial cells. You’ll feel a little pressure.”

Truth is I didn’t feel a thing but I could tell that, essentially, my eyeballs were being filed by an eyeball-specific sanding block.

“Now you’ll see the laser start to work.”

Straight out of sci-fi you guys. It was just like those cartoons where you see an alien tracking beam shooting toward earth. Little circular lights went :: click click click :: down toward my eyeballs.

“Now I’m going to put this medicine on your eyes and it will stay there for 30 seconds until I rinse it out.”

Everything was beyond precise. I heard his medical assistant counting down from 30, but by the time he’d finished his sentence we were down to 20.

“20. . . . . 15. . . . . 10. . . . . 5. . . . . 0.”

Immediately my left eye was rinsed. The eyeball-ring-holder-opener was removed.

“Now it’s time for the right.”

The same procedure was done on my right eye. No problemo. Once it was completed on my left eye I knew I had nothing to worry about. Sure enough – everything was done in precisely the same scientific way.

I have to admit that about an hour after the procedure the pain kicked in; for several days after I was very uncomfortable – but that I expected. The more invasive procedure does that, but it was worth it to me to deal with a few more days’ pain now in order to avoid aggravation later.

I had my latest follow-up appointment last week and they reinforced what I already knew. . . at this point I can see as well as I did with my glasses. But the uber part? I still have a couple months’ healing to go so by the time I’m finished I should be seeing better than I did before my glasses!

The best part? Waking in the middle of the night and being able to see. . .

I no longer have to have my glasses in order to find my glasses. . .

It’s incredible!

Here goes the lasik. . .

Tomorrow guys. Tomorrow my eyeballs are going to be changed forever.

Does that sound a bit nervous to you? . . . Well yes. Yes, I’m quite nervous.

For as long as I’ve known that lasik exists I’ve wanted to get it. I’ve dreamed of a time when I wouldn’t have to worry about glasses or contacts or the extra cost associated with either of those. (OK – for those of you who don’t know, the truth is that after tomorrow I’ll be “less dependent upon glasses or contacts” but it’s not a guaranteed thing that I’ll see 20/20.)

To be honest I feel terrible about getting this procedure right now. Since my darling daughter has had to start wearing glasses a few months ago it’s been easier to coax her into wearing them “like Mama’s”. I’m a little afraid, to be honest, that after I have this procedure done she won’t want to wear them any more. You know what else I’ll miss? I’ll miss her walking up to me or hopping on the couch, quite randomly, clinking her glasses against mine and then saying “Cheers!”

That’s priceless.

But honestly if I don’t get this done now I feel I won’t have another chance. I’m paying 20% for a procedure that is rare to be covered by insurance – it’s so rare to be covered, in fact, that I had difficulty finding a facility that would actually file insurance for me. I’ve met my deductible this year so they’re going to cover 80%. I can’t give that up.

But man. I’m nervous. Obviously I’m worried about something going wrong (these are my eyeballs for crying out loud!) but I’m more concerned with how my beautiful little girl will react.

I’m sure it’ll be fine. . . but these are the musings of a woman that’s about to get her eyes changed permanently. By a laser. That’s heavy.

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