Mommy Tips: Cleaning Ideas

I’m gathering all the handy tips and tricks I learn and putting them on my blog so that you can use them – and so that I can pull them up and remember them when it’s time! I’ll be updating these as I find more handy info.

  • Disguise scrapes and scratches in furniture by rubbing a walnut over them
  • Remove crayon from your TV or computer screen with WD40
  • Baby powder will remove sand from your skin easily
  • Find lost earrings by covering your vacuum hose with a stocking
  • Clean out your filing cabinet (credit to
    • Keep tax returns and backup tax documentation seven years
    • Keep personal health records indefinitely including:
      • Physicians’ contact info
      • Medical history
      • Prescriptions / prescribed treatments
      • Exception: Sickness-specific records should be kept 5 years unless those were claimed on your taxes
    • Keep life insurance policies three years past their expiration dates
    • Keep medical insurance information five years including bills / statements
    • Keep warranty paperwork until:
      • Item is discarded or
      • Warranty expires
    • Keep repair bills / contracts ten years
    • Keep only your current year’s pay stubs; they may be thrown away when you get your last check stub; keep that one indefinitely in order to review your W2
    • Keep bank statements only three months
    • Keep credit card statements three months
    • Keep utility bills for three months
    • Keep mortgage statements for seven years past payoff

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