Here goes the lasik. . .

Tomorrow guys. Tomorrow my eyeballs are going to be changed forever.

Does that sound a bit nervous to you? . . . Well yes. Yes, I’m quite nervous.

For as long as I’ve known that lasik exists I’ve wanted to get it. I’ve dreamed of a time when I wouldn’t have to worry about glasses or contacts or the extra cost associated with either of those. (OK – for those of you who don’t know, the truth is that after tomorrow I’ll be “less dependent upon glasses or contacts” but it’s not a guaranteed thing that I’ll see 20/20.)

To be honest I feel terrible about getting this procedure right now. Since my darling daughter has had to start wearing glasses a few months ago it’s been easier to coax her into wearing them “like Mama’s”. I’m a little afraid, to be honest, that after I have this procedure done she won’t want to wear them any more. You know what else I’ll miss? I’ll miss her walking up to me or hopping on the couch, quite randomly, clinking her glasses against mine and then saying “Cheers!”

That’s priceless.

But honestly if I don’t get this done now I feel I won’t have another chance. I’m paying 20% for a procedure that is rare to be covered by insurance – it’s so rare to be covered, in fact, that I had difficulty finding a facility that would actually file insurance for me. I’ve met my deductible this year so they’re going to cover 80%. I can’t give that up.

But man. I’m nervous. Obviously I’m worried about something going wrong (these are my eyeballs for crying out loud!) but I’m more concerned with how my beautiful little girl will react.

I’m sure it’ll be fine. . . but these are the musings of a woman that’s about to get her eyes changed permanently. By a laser. That’s heavy.

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