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Isn’t Life Grand (and Busy)?

Hello, friends. Long time, no post.

I’ve been moved to the marketing department at work and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I didn’t realize how much I would miss working in marketing, but now that I’m here I’m glad I made the transition. (Fortunately it’s not sales – just marketing.)

The downside is that I don’t have nearly the time to work on my blog, especially since our internet access has been MIA from our home for about three weeks (or more).

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging now that our initiatives are in place and things are slowly, but surely, calming down.

I hope you all are well. For those of you waiting patiently for the remaining blogs in my Breastfeeding 101 series, stay tuned!


Thinking of You, Beautiful Amy.

Yesterday after 5:00 in the evening, my amazing friend Amy introduced this world to her beautiful baby boy. I’m so thrilled that he’s here. If that little one is anything like either of his parents, this world will be greatly blessed just by his presence alone.

My friend Amy needs a bit more healing time before she’s feeling quite 100%, but her dear husband is keeping us updated about her progress.

Here’s to you, Amy! Happy Mother’s Day! We love you very much and can’t wait to meet your adorable son.

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