Sweet Sighs, Stretches and Gentle Night-Peeps

In the wee hours of the morning I watched you sleeping;

relaxed, contented, softly dreaming.

I wondered what thoughts your beautiful head was keeping.


I saw you stretch, reach and search for my arm.

You wondered if I was there to keep you safe and warm.

Fear not, my love, I’ll keep you safe from harm.


I feel our days softly waning, soon you’ll sleep with me no more.

I’ll miss your sweet, soft cuddles – and yes, even your snore.

These words I’ll read in my diary one day and they will read like lore.


But right now, Sweetheart, we’ll cuddle and sleep.

I’ll enjoy your sweet sighs, stretches and gentle night-peeps,

forever grateful you’ve shown me love this deep.

About McApril

Wife, mother, administrator.

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