The No-Cry Sleep Solution

So what is the solution to sleep issues?

Since I’m not going the direction of the Cry It Out method, I had to do some research and find a better way to help Tori sleep away from Mama.

In all honesty, if it was just up to me, Tori and I would co-sleep until she was ready to find her own big-girl bed and sleep in it. (Yes, I understand that kids sometimes continue finding their ways back into their parents’ bed well after 7 and 8 years old . . . but that’s a side-effect I’d happily subscribe to. Unfortunately, I can’t continue co-sleeping with Tori simply because it isn’t the safest option any more. Since Tori gained mobility, I’m worried she’s going to crawl (or walk!) her way off our bed. Regretfully, it is time to get Tori to sleep in her crib.

One book has been highly recommended to me time and time again. It is the “No Cry Sleep Solution” by Elizabeth Pantley. The author lists gentle ways of parenting your children to get them to fit into a better (or better for you) way of sleeping. I spent some time on her website and found extremely helpful FAQs. I didn’t see the answer I was looking for in particular, so I emailed a suggestion for a question on the website. Within a couple of days, lo and behold, the author actually emailed me back to answer my question. Moreover, she included excerpts from the latest version (read: unpublished) of her books that would help me with our situation.

Seriously. That has to be the best customer service I’ve ever received from an author – and you’d better bet that her willingness to assist me with my issue, even when I had yet to buy her book, is going to ensure that I purchase her books to help raise Tori in a loving, gentle way.

Here’s a great big thank you to Elizabeth Pantley – please visit her site. I’m sure that you’ll likely find some information there that will help you with your little one, as well.

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