THIS . . . is what I know.

A week ago today, the world lost an incredible woman.

I’m a strong believer that each of us, no matter how much we despised the school years we were forced to participate in, have had one teacher that inspired us in ways we otherwise would have not been be reached. Even I, “Miss S, who believes she is already grown,” as Mrs. Holmes readily (and honestly) referred to me one day, learned many lessons from this extraordinary educator.

Mrs. Holmes taught me that . . .
  • Once you have raised your voice, you have lost the argument.
  • And the greatest of these is Love.
  • Do not use “so” as a qualifier.
  • Family is golden, as are friends, as is honesty.
  • Nothing is “basic” – nor should your language be written as such.
  • Everyone’s working definitions of words are different – help one another define these working definitions and often common ground, or the ground to disagree at least, would have been found.
  • Frasier is hilarious.
  • While Mrs. Holmes did not have the physical capability to *actually* hold you kicking and screaming
    over the flames of hell, she could still convince you she would.
  • Everyone is worthy; but don’t go looking into other peoples’ cars when you’re driving in downtown Nashville because you never know who has a gun.
  • You must be in senior level English before being allowed to begin a sentence with the word “however”.
  • Always prepare yourself for your meeting; thoroughly read the materials used for topic of
    discussion and make preparatory notes.
  • Even ladies of great grace and patience cannot help but giggle at you when you refer to the Bible as
    “the Great Novel” in the middle of class.

I’m heartbroken when I think about all the students of SHS that will never know her amazing inspiration. I’m more heartbroken as I realize that my own children will not have the chance to meet her, much less the chance to get to know her. I do, however, have faith that those of us who did receive her life lessons will go on to share as many of those with others as we possibly can – after all, sharing those gifts with others is the only way future generations will be blessed by her light.

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