8 a.m. on a Saturday

It’s Saturday. It’s 8 a.m.

I’ve been awake for about an hour and a half now. J woke me up when he went to bed after playing WoW all night. God, I still hate that fucking game. I hate it. I hate the money it costs, the time it takes, the obsession it fosters. He’s not as bad about it as he used to be, but since the expansion came out last week, he’s not been to bed until the sun comes up. I hope he gets tired of it soon.

I hope he can get a job soon, too. Crazy thing happened yesterday. He’s been talking with 5 Guys Burgers for the last three weeks; he started going just as the GM had to have surgery (I think surgery), so he called almost every day to keep in touch with the manager who told him that he’d be put on the schedule as soon as the GM came back and was able to meet him. Yesterday he showed up, the first day since then that both manager and GM have been in together, as the manager had asked him to do. The GM told him that he recognizes J – had set up an interview for him already – and that J didn’t show up, so he’s not going to give him the job.

Three weeks he’s thought he’s had a job because this guy’s been jerking him around. Cleans up, goes out, shows up yesterday, and doesn’t get the job because the GM is hallucinating.

:: sigh ::

I really hope I ace the interview I have on Tuesday with an apartment complex here in town. That would be a sweet position, wouldn’t it? Fifteen minute commute (if they don’t want you to stay in their apartment complex), property management position, still get to meet and talk with people, get the responsibility of the complex . . . oh, that would be fantastic. Something tells me it’s a bit farther out of reach than I’d like it to be – that they’ll want someone with more experience to fill the position. I’m hoping to convince them that my sunny, youthful attitude is the way to go.

Did anyone just spit out their coffee as I said, “sunny, youthful attitude”? Yes? Good.

That, however, is precisely how I’m going to approach it – with letter of recommendation, references, reference list, and filled-out application in hand. Now I’ve just got to figure out what to wear.

I’m still not back down to size 8, so I can’t wear the majority of the business suits I have. Bother. The good news is, however, that I’ve lost a good deal of my fluff and I’m ready to tackle the more serious flab that just likes to hang around. I’m actually surprised that I’m still keeping the weight off because I haven’t worked out since the day before Halloween . . . I feel terrible for that because I think I only have a month left of the rec center membership (after which I’ll obviously not be able to renew) and I haven’t taken advantage of it for the last three weeks. It’s starting to affect my self esteem a bit because I was doing exceptionally well with going every two, three days tops. I could reflect on things and say, “I don’t have a job, but I’m keeping THIS going.”

I’ve also still not stepped foot in the weight room. I told myself when I started working out there that I’d stay on cardio for a month or so, get healthier, then move on to the weights . . . unfortunately, even with the weight I’ve lost and the stamina I’ve gained, my heart rate spikes to the red zone within five minutes of stepping on an elliptical. It’s kind of scary, actually.

Long story short, I need to get back into the habit of going again like I was. I suppose a good way to start is just to take a walk into the weight room and start seeing how stuff works . . .

Fatty McFatFat is behind me sleeping a very deep sleep. She’s been rather disgusting all morning – dreaming, twitching, and emitting long, audible sighs. It’s what she does, though. If she weren’t so damn cute I wouldn’t love her so much. Everyone gets a trip out of her when they come over. The obvious response is, “ah, Garfield!”. She loves the attention. And food.

Speaking of food, I made a scrumptious chicken pot pie from scratch last night. As soon as I remembered that I actually *do* know how to make a pie crust, I’ve been making killer ones. The one last night was flaky and buttery – and because it’s my favorite part on a pot pie, I made the top a bit thicker than the bottom crust. It was fantastic. It’s the first time I’ve made a pot pie, and I was thrilled at how well it came out, particularly how much the filling stayed in! Nomnomnomnomnom. Almost makes me want breakfast already. Almost. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Nanny’s pies and cobblers and Mama’s own chicken pot pies – all comfort food. It brought me back to Adams again, where I was suddenly back down to four feet tall.

I made a bundt cake, too, for J’s birthday last Sunday. It turned out relatively well. It was a classic devil’s food with cream cheese frosting. To be fair, the cake was from scratch but the icing wasn’t. Still worked out, though. T had stopped by the store and gotten him a chocolate fudge cake, too, so we had plenty.of.cake. We’ve still got cake, about half of one and a couple pieces of the other.

Sunday night was pretty neat. Enjoyed the night with the folks that stopped by to spend time with us (the few pictures I took are already uploaded). I felt terrible for J, though, because he was just a couple days into antibiotics for an abscessed tooth which kept trying to wake up. He ended up having to take a couple of pain pills (hence why he looks like he’s passed-out drunk). Note to self: next time J’s tooth is hurting at a gathering, take pictures at the *beginning* of the night. Somehow he was able to stay conscious with all of us, and we had a good time.

J and I have been doing well as of late. With the exception of my irritation with WoW, he’s been doing really well in keeping his balls in the air. I was sincerely hoping this job would have come through for him because if so, it would have been his shortest length of unemployment ever. Of course, I’ve mellowed out about a lot of the stupid shit, too. I’m trying to figure out if that’s because of time, or if that’s because I’ve been out of work since July and I’ve held more of the household responsibilities, gladly, because of it. Either way, I’m really thankful.

As of December 17, we will have had our marriage tats for exactly five years. On February 17, we will have been legally married for five years. March 27 will then mark the day we initially got together – six years previous. Almost six years now – it’s incredible. We’ve had our share of crazy issues – a lot of them have been read about here – but I think we’ve finally found that place. That comfortable place – but the place that’s not so comfortable that we forget to work to better ourselves.

With the exception of the fact that we’re both unemployed and seriously scared shitless about that, things are going relatively well. I’ve got to do my best to remember that on the grey days when I wake up wondering why I haven’t received more phone calls.

I went Thursday and prepped for my interview – I got my eyebrows waxed (I always look more intelligent with less bushy eyebrows) and got my hair cut. I kept the layered look and tried some long, whispy bangs so that I’d still have a bit of hair framing my face when I wear my hair back. I think I like it . . . I haven’t had bangs since I was about 14, so it’s a tad odd, and it will take some getting used to . . . but I think it’s working for me.

Maybe this is enough idle rambling for now . . . if I think of more, I’ll blog more later. After all, what else am I going to do at 8 a.m. on a Saturday?

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