She reappears!

Seriously, it’s been a while. I can’t believe that I posted a blog post-termination in July and haven’t posted since. Hell, I really haven’t communicated since.

To those of you that were confused, I apologize. I’ve been known to take a couple or few days and hibernate away from other humans for a period of time to “regroup”, but it’s never been known to last so long. The funny thing is that, once I started thinking about it, I realized that I’ve been off work for six weeks at most since I was sixteen, and that was when I moved to this city to go to school and my car was broken down.

Over ten years with no more than six weeks off between jobs, the average being about two weeks between places. Man.

So . . . I started thinking maybe I was due a vacation, and with the thought that I was due a vacation, well . . . I took it a bit overboard and truly ended up curled on the couch for weeks on end.

I seem to be coming more awake now. =)

I’m taking small steps and I’m getting better at answering phone calls and answering messages.

For a work update . . .

I’m trying to find an organization I can truly get behind and a place that I WANT to devote my time to. It will take some time, and if time runs out I’ll have to grab whatever is available, but for now I’m trying to choose carefully. I’m tired of grinding myself down for places that don’t appreciate me and don’t offer any personal fulfillment, either. Meanwhile, I’ve got some great references and an awesome reference letter from ex-dude at my old office.

Anyhoo . . . hello again!

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