Seeking Safe Home for Fat-Assed Cat

Hey, everyone.

So after a rather emotional discussion with Josh yesterday, or at least a talk where he talked and I cried, it’s pretty much been decided that I need to get rid of BabyGirl.

Josh’s allergies are just too much to have her around anymore, and now that he’s at least making the ATTEMPT to take care of himself, I’ll uphold my end of the deal and give her a new home . . .

But here’s the catch . . .

I do NOT want to surrender her to a shelter. This cat has had over five owners in her life, four before she was aged three, and has known me for the last five or six years.

I’ll be glad to hand her over to someone I know so that I can at least see her. And I’ll be glad to take her back if ever the situation warrented that and someone wasn’t able to keep her . . . I hate it that she’s going to lose the one bit of stability she’s had, and I hate that she can’t even voice her opinion about being given away . . .

So . . . please help me out.

If you, or if anyone else you know, is in search of a pet, she’s fantastic. She weighs 13 pounds, looks fat as hell, but she’s really fluffy when you get down to it. She does well with other cats, but when she’s a solitary house-cat, she really shines. She’s got an awesome personality. Lap cat. Very friendly and loving. And cuuuuuute. I don’t know how she is with kids since I never had any . . . she’s also about 9-10 years old, been fixed – she’s very mellow unless she’s in the mood to play.

Please let me know if any of you would like to get this extremely healthy, loving, and amazing girl – or if you know someone that would and can give her a good, stable home.

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