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Alright, Amy, you got your wish. You tagged me to list five strengths I have. I’ve listed five strengths here, and by damn – it’s not a sign of arrogance, it’s a sign of confidence!

1. I’m a great listener. Since I was a teen, my friends have come to me with all sorts of problems and issues because they knew I’d listen, offer advice if they asked, and could generally rationalize things pretty well. Most importantly, they knew I wouldn’t jackknife the conversation or tell anyone else. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve actually been told much more often that I’m a good listener. More and more often I hear, “I normally don’t tell people this, but for some reason I just want to talk to you.” Well folks, as Fraiser Crane would say, “I’m listening.”

2. I’m a better friend. Because of some of the things listed above, but not all, I am a great friend. I will never betray you. I will keep my promises to you. I can be a social jackass by not calling as much as I should, but my caring comes through when you need it most. Call me at 3 a.m. if you don’t have anyone to talk to. Know that I’m non-judgmental and I’ll hear your heart. I am someone to confide in when you have no one else.

3. My titties are better than yours. I feel vaguely bad about posting this here, but you have to understand that it took many, many years for me to be happy about me. For the longest I felt outcast whether that was the case or not, and the fact that I’ve matured into a lady whose physique is not necessarily sought after, but whose physique can be less than abominable, is one that makes me proud. And just because I say, “My tits are better than yours,” I’m not saying mine are really better – I’m saying I’m proud of the rack I’ve got. Even more so, I’m trying to let all my lovely ladies know that you are BEAUTIFUL. You are stunning. You are gorgeous women. I am blessed to know some truly immaculate ladies – and you are the ones. I will do my best to convince you all of that one day.

4. I can usually be calm in crazy situations. Seriously, I can keep my cool. If something’s going on and you need help, let me know. I’m not promising I can do anything but lend an ear, but either way, I’m there for you.

5. I work my ass off. In other words, I’m devoted – not just to my job and my responsibilities, but I’m devoted to those I love, also. I concentrate, I do my best, and I do my best to prove myself to (most importantly) myself and those I never want to disappoint.

Alright, you’uns. Those are the five reasons I kick ass. How do you guys kick ass?

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