She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack . . .

I’m sitting here at my cozy desk once again. It’s good to be home, especially when you think that PERHAPS you’ve finally caught back up on your sleep.

Yaaaaay sleep.

Anyhoo, I had a great conference in Baltimore. I don’t think that I actually brought back any strong prospects BUT I had an amazing time. The topics they covered were interesting, the speakers were great, and the booze was even better. (These professional conferences – always trying to get you drunk and take advantage of you.)

I had a BEAUTIFUL view of the harbor from my 31st floor hotel room (which I learned later that, because of my boss’ platinum status, I could have gone and hung out in the Platinum Lounge to get free stuff at the hotel, but . . . eh). It was a lovely hotel room – even bigger than the one I stayed with in New Orleans, and with more pillows, too. You can’t go wrong with more pillows.

The only complaint I had was that the bed was TOOO soft. I sank into it and my back and hips were hurting within a mere half-hour. One night I got to hear Stevie Wonder playing at the amphitheater next door to the hotel from the balcony where the pool is – how awesome is THAT?! But that fun resulted in me forgetting I had a bed by the time I got back to the room much less feeling the softness of the surface on which I was sleeping.

By the time I got home I had a couple of numb toes from standing on my feet for three days straight (and I think honestly that I’ve bruised a nerve or two because I still can’t feel anything in the general toe-ish area there) and I was EXHAUSTED. That’s what those damn conferences do to you – they feed you, get you drunk, and then wear you down with all their little educational seminars and networking. Evil bastards.

I’m just glad to be back home in my own bed. Maybe this weekend I’ll be recuperated enough to do . . . something, but I think right now my preferred method of being is to kick back and watch some movies.

Speaking of movies? Watch Fracture. It’s the schiznit – I swear it.

OK, Loves – I’m off to work some more. I have piles and piles and piles of work in front of me, and today I’m ever-so-thankful that I can type faster than hell or I never would have gotten all this out.

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