Goodbye, Sprint!

After six years of service, I’m throwing in the towel. I’ve been a long-term, committed, and loyal customer of Sprint. They haven’t been loyal to me.

The other night my phone decided to let some parts of the keypad work and not let others. I called Sprint to see what could be done – if I could take it to a store, have them look at it, and see if they’d charge me to JUST look at it.

The representative FIRST tried to sell me on a new phone (which would, of course, extend my contract another two years) instead of answering my question.

I then asked if I was yet able to qualify for a second line of service with no deposit. He again didn’t hear me and responded with, “Ma’am, SURE you can get a second line! For only $149 deposit.”

Do you think I’m going to pay a $150 deposit after SIX loyal years of service with them? HELL naw.

I asked the CSR about taking my phone in and asked him what would be charged. Instead of saying, “I’m not sure; let me check,” he said, “I have no idea and I don’t want to give you incorrect information so you need to go by and ask them.” Now get this: “Just go in and tell them you’re a VALUED Sprint PCS customer and that you need it looked at.”

Needless to say, I’m not feeling very valued.

I told Josh to take the phone in the next day to the store and simply ask if they’d charge anything, but I was pissed off and jumped the gun the next morning and called to see. YES, they’ll charge something because they’d have to take it apart. Needless to say? Nuh-uh. After six years, April ain’t playing that game.

I looked online at Verizon, called in with my questions, and within 30 minutes had ordered two new FREE phones (Sprint would have given me a rebate, but only through the mail which would have taken 6-8 weeks and I can’t afford that). They were delivered last night. They’re awesome –

And may I add that every CSR or salesperson I’ve spoken with at Verizon has answered my questions (and not something I didn’t ask), has been polite, pleasant, and professional, and has been extremely helpful.

Let’s hear it for Verizon!

And screw Sprint!!

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